“I’m not an easy rater. I am not one of those people that just checks all the highest ratings because I’m lazy. These are sincere ratings. This conference surpassed my expectations. I was expecting a small, local conference, and what I got was a first-class, top-notch conference. It was great.”

“[I] appreciated how well organized and structured the program was. Enjoyed the large group opening and lunchtime sessions, and being able to choose among a variety of panel sessions. Great presenters and vendors.”

“The conference reaffirmed for me that people working in mental health and education continue to move forward, doing the best they can with available resources and laws. I also appreciated hearing about new initiatives, changes in laws and the [stories of the speakers] —they were so inspiring—I was so touched by their stories.”

A Healthier Mind is a Happier Life

Mental wellness is everybody’s business – a belief that we hold dear at the American Mental Wellness Association. For our inaugural national conference, we focused on the various areas that mental health touches. We all know that mental wellness has a role in schools and communities, but we wanted to expand that knowledge. Mental wellness truly affects every aspect of society – in the workplace, in the classroom, in the home, in the military, in the community, and in sports.


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Next conference to be announced in 2019!
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