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What is AMWA?

The American Mental Wellness Association is the umbrella organization which unites individuals and organizations together as one voice for mental wellness in the United States.

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Become a Champion

Mental Wellness Champions are individuals and organizations that want to take a stand for mental wellness. Becoming a champion is free, easy, and benefits include:

  • Uniting as one voice
  • Participation in discussion
  • Access to up-to-date research
  • Networking with national advocates
  • Strength in numbers
  • Free tools, trainings, and best practices

Latest Research & Articles

Not in the same boat

My (now retired) boat captain brother in law earned the name Hurricane Harry after his charter cruise was rescued by a Russian freighter off the coast of Florida during one of the season’s unpredictable storms. When he had left the port at Miami, a hurricane had been detected by radar, but it was far offshore and was predicted to make landfall north of the state […]

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An Overdue Discussion on Optimal Brain Medical Care

There is a long overdue debate currently going on in the pages of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) over whether the separation of Neurology and Psychiatry into two separate disciplines still makes any sense.

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Managing Stress During Isolation

The past few weeks have been rather stressful, to say the least. And while normally you could just destress by spending some time with your friends or loved ones, this just isn’t quite possible, and you’re forced to deal with this by yourself for now.

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