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For true system-level impact to reduce the number of people suffering from addiction and other mental health problems, focusing on prevention and 1st stage of mental illness is paramount for success! Read our Truth Statement here.

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What is AMWA?

The American Mental Wellness Association is the umbrella organization which unites individuals and organizations together as one voice for mental wellness in the United States.

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Mental Wellness Champions are individuals and organizations that want to take a stand for mental wellness. Becoming a champion is free, easy, and benefits include:

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Latest Research & Articles

deaths of despair are not inevitable
mask with words "Dont Panic"

What COVID-19 delirium can teach us about mental illnesses | Karen Lankford, PhD Neuroscientist Researcher

A number of recently recovered COVID-19 patients have begun describing vivid, and often frightening, hallucinations and delusions they experienced during their illnesses.  Patients recall memories of things like being pushed into ovens, having the tops of their skulls cut off, and a variety of physical and sexual assaults.  These memories are doubly disturbing, both because […]

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Strokes Caused by COVID-19 Infections Raise Concerns About Mental Health Symptoms| By Karen Lankford, PhD Neuroscientist Researcher

Now, more than ever, it is important to take cognitive and emotional symptoms seriously.  There are many people suffering brain injury from COVID-19 infections who could be falling through the cracks of the mental health system. In recent weeks, many psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed therapists have begun expressing concerns about the effects of emotional stresses […]

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A Reasonable Solution to Gun Violence | Sharon Engdahl

Everyone wants to end gun violence.  Everyone deserves to live, work, and raise families in a safe environment in America.  So how do we reasonably reduce gun violence in America without jeopardizing our Second Amendment Rights under the United States Constitution and without jeopardizing the human rights of all? In 2013 I was part of […]

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A cure for schizophrenia may be possible - by Karen Lankford, PhD, Neuroscientist Researcher at Yale University

Note: The author of this article works in neuroscience research, but not in the area of mental illness research.  Her opinion is based on articles and opinion pieces published by other scientists. Understanding the biological nature and cause of schizophrenia has frustrated researches for decades.   Only subtle differences could be detected between the brains of […]

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It's Time to Start Screening for Mental Health Symptoms: By Karen Lankford, PhD

Doctors in the US now routinely screen patients for: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, hepatitis, HIV, and TB, among other conditions.  And this screening has shown benefits.  Deaths from all these conditions that doctors have been screening for have been decreasing. Early detection and early treatment improve outcomes.   […]

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Americans Need Immediate Help - Sharon Engdahl, Executive Director

From child to senior our loved ones are getting very sick and dying because America is not properly educated on the early signs and symptoms of mental health problems which includes addictions. The all-in costs of America’s drug addiction problem are one trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000) every year. The cost of suicide and suicide attempts in […]

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An Indictment of the American Mental Health System

The American Mental Health System is in a state of perpetual negligence! It has been for years!  I am sure you will agree with me. Over three hundred and fifty thousand ill human beings suffering from psychiatric medical conditions are languishing in jails and prisons across the country because they did not get the appropriate […]

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Managing Stress During Isolation

Written by Ruthelle Jane The past few weeks have been rather stressful, to say the least. And while normally you could just destress by spending some time with your friends or loved ones, this just isn’t quite possible, and you’re forced to deal with this by yourself for now. Now, this could prove troublesome since […]

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