Check out our free resources below. We encourage you to download and use these resources as you please, just make sure you credit the American Mental Wellness Association when you do so!

A postcard sized card resource that outlines how to stay healthy and how to recognize stages 1 through 4 with mental health challenges.
24x36 inch Wellness Check Up Poster for Adolescents
24x36 Inch Poster - Mental Health Stages
Our official AMWA Tri-Fold Brochure
24x36 Inch Poster for Digital Wellness for Adolescents
24x36 Inch Poster - a healthier mind is a happier life
Our hotlines card, business-card sized for easy access to important numbers when you need them.
24x36 Inch Poster - Average Teen or Warning Sign?
Our signature card but designed for children/youth
24x36 inch poster on Bullying for Adolescents.
24x36 Inch Poster - Mental Wellness is Everybody's Business