What is a Mental Wellness Champion?

Mental Wellness affects us all. We are stronger together than we are alone or apart. Together, with strength of numbers, we can become a tide-changing force in the United States for better health and wellness of the whole body.

Mental Wellness Champions are individuals and organizations who want prevention, early intervention, scientific research, and cures for mental health problems. That’s it!

Anyone can become a Champion – whether a single Dad at his wits end, a veteran struggling with PTSD, a well-known neuroscientist, an owner of a small printing company, a business, a nonprofit, a service organization, or the National Institute of Mental Health – whatever your role, you can be a Champion for mental wellness!

Benefits of being a Champion

Signing on as a Champion is free, fast, and easy. Upon registering, Champions will gain access to our Champion Arena Facebook Group, which provides:

  • Collaboration with other Champions, including researchers, mental health professionals, and every day patients/consumers
  • The ability to unite as one voice for Mental Wellness
  • Networking with other Mental Wellness Champions from across the nation
  • Strength in numbers: our efforts will be noticed, our voices will be heard, and mental wellness will be more accepted and accessible.
  • Ability to access  and share tools including trainings, webinars, conferences, best practice guides, and more
  • Downloadable Champion certificate and website button.
  • For Researchers: Access to potential patients/consumers who may wish to participate in clinical trials and research.
  • For Patients/Consumers: The ability to discuss treatment questions, share experiences, learn more about their condition(s), better ways to manage them, and keep hope at the forefront.

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