What is the AMWA?

The American Mental Wellness Association is the umbrella organization that unites individuals and organizations together as one voice for mental wellness in the United States.

How does the AMWA work?

The AMWA is the unifying voice for mental wellness. We serve as a hub of information and discussion to bring together into one vein the broad spectrum of individuals, organizations, and businesses seeking mental wellness.

What is a Champion?

A champion is an individual, organization, or business who desires mental and emotional wellness in America. Champions stand together to create a mentally healthy nation.

Can I/My Agency be a Champion?

Anyone can be a Champion for mental wellness! Our strongest asset is the unified voices of our Champions. If you care about mental wellness, you qualify to be a Champion. Click here to sign up!

I am struggling/I know someone that is struggling. Does the AMWA provide therapy or treatment services?

We do not provide counseling, therapy, or other types of treatment for mental health problems. To learn more about getting help, check out our Getting Help page

What does the AMWA logo symbolize?

We took great care in choosing our logo:
Colors: Red, white, and blue to signify our patriotism and our passion for American mental wellness.
Leaf: The white leaves represent growth, health, renewal, and life.
Checkmark: The red checkmark encourages you to check your mental wellness each and every day!

Who owns the AMWA?

The AMWA is owned by no one. We work independently of other national programs such as the National Institute of Mental Health. Mental Health America, or the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

How is the AMWA funded?

The AMWA is funded by donations, grants, and programs.