March 12th – 18th, 2018 is Brain Awareness Week! Join us in supporting brain awareness by participating in the below activities designed to increase your education and share this important information with others!

Monday, March 12: Learn about Mental Health Problems

Mental health problems manifest in stages, just like other physical health problems. By knowing the warning signs and getting prompt, appropriate care at first sign of a problem, you can avoid a crisis and get better faster.

Share this graphic on your social media sites with your friends, family, and coworkers. Take a look at our Mental Health Problems page to learn more about the four stages, and if you notice symptoms in yourself or someone else, schedule an appointment with your doctor right away!

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Tuesday, March 13: Download MyBrain365, use code AMWA2018

MyBrain365 is a science-backed app that allows you to determine a baseline of your cognitive health via fun brain games. Through regular monitoring, you can see how your brain wellness changes and stay informed about your mental wellness.

Use code AMWA2018 after downloading to support the American Mental Wellness Association. Play the games and share your score on social media using #MyBrain365!

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Wednesday, March 14: Physical and Brain Exercise

Keeping your whole body active – including your brain – is a simple and effective key to maintaining wellness. Exercising releases endorphins that promote better mood, reduced perception of pain, and even euphoric feelings. Regular exercise improves self-esteem, sleep, reduces stress, and is a protective factor against feelings of depression and anxiety.

Keeping your brain active via brain games, learning new things, and using all of your senses can ward off ‘mental fog’ and keep you sharp.

Can you pass this brainteaser quiz or get through these trick questions? Give it a shot and share on your social media accounts. See if you can beat your friends!

Thursday, March 15: How much do you know about brain anatomy?

We all can’t be brain surgeons, but understanding the basics of brain anatomy is still important! Since our brain is the control center of our body, understanding how our control center is laid out is beneficial to maintaining wellness, just like understanding how your car works makes it easier to fix when something goes wrong.

Can you pass this brain anatomy quiz? If so, you just might be a brain surgeon! Share on social media and see if you can beat your friends!

Friday, March 16: Stand up for Prevention, Early Intervention, Scientific Research, and Cures for Mental Health Problems

Becoming a Champion is fast, free, and easy. Our Champions unite together across the USA as one voice for mental wellness. Click here to become a Champion today!

Then, be sure to join us for our National Conference,  A Healthier Mind is a Happier Life: in the Workplace; in the Military; in the Classroom; in the Community; in the Home” taking place in Hershey, PA on November 19th & 20th, 2018! Share this graphic to spread the word, and be sure to take our Conference Interest Survey to sign up for updates.

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