deaths of despair are not inevitable

“Deaths of Despair” Are NOT Inevitable! | Karen Lankford, PhD Neuroscientist Researcher

There is an argument being made by some for “reopening the economy” regardless, of the number of Americans who may die from COVID-19 if social distancing measures are relaxed before the spread of the disease can be contained by testing and quarantining the infected.  The argument goes something like this: Job losses and social isolation […]

mask with words "Dont Panic"

What COVID-19 delirium can teach us about mental illnesses | Karen Lankford, PhD Neuroscientist Researcher

A number of recently recovered COVID-19 patients have begun describing vivid, and often frightening, hallucinations and delusions they experienced during their illnesses.  Patients recall memories of things like being pushed into ovens, having the tops of their skulls cut off, and a variety of physical and sexual assaults.  These memories are doubly disturbing, both because […]

Strokes Caused by COVID-19 Infections Raise Concerns About Mental Health Symptoms| By Karen Lankford, PhD Neuroscientist Researcher

Now, more than ever, it is important to take cognitive and emotional symptoms seriously.  There are many people suffering brain injury from COVID-19 infections who could be falling through the cracks of the mental health system. In recent weeks, many psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed therapists have begun expressing concerns about the effects of emotional stresses […]