Don’t Hold It In | Karen Lankford, PhD, Neuroscientist at Yale University

In the Marine Corp, David learned an important lesson about being a man that he had not learned from his father. He learned that bottling up his feeling and refusing to express emotions such as frustration, fear, or sadness, did not make a man strong. Carrying extra emotional baggage actually made a person weaker and less able to step up and do what needed to be done in difficult situations.

Just Breathe | Karen Lankford, PhD, Neuroscientist at Yale University

Just breathe. Most of you have heard this advice when you were out of breath with excitement or anxiety and trying unsuccessfully to tell someone what was happening. There is actually some very sound science behind this advice. When you experience strong feelings of fear, anger, or excitement, you do not just experience it in your head. You feel it in your body.