A timely message about infection control | Blog Post by Karen Lankford, PhD

The developing nervous system uses many of the same chemical signals to organize brain structures that the immune system uses to fight serious infections.  Therefore, infections such as a bad flu during pregnancy can increase the risk that the developing fetus will later have autism or bipolar disorder. (Depending on the time of the infection, […]

Four Basic things people get wrong about mental illness and addiction | by Karen Lankford, PhD , Neuroscientist at Yale University

Until a few years ago, I paid little attention to the ways that mental illnesses and addiction were being discussed in the public arena. My area of neuroscience research has little connection to these kinds of conditions, and I was not directly involved in public policy issues. After making friends with a man who has […]

A Reasonable Solution to Gun Violence | Sharon Engdahl

Everyone wants to end gun violence.  Everyone deserves to live, work, and raise families in a safe environment in America.  So how do we reasonably reduce gun violence in America without jeopardizing our Second Amendment Rights under the United States Constitution and without jeopardizing the human rights of all? In 2013 I was part of […]

An Interview with Sharon Engdahl, Executive Director of the American Mental Wellness Association

May 30, 2019 (Link to source article here) This month the NCIBH spoke with Sharon Engdahl, Executive Director of the American Mental Wellness Association. Sharon has worked in the mental health education and research field for over 45 years. She is the founder and executive director of the Mental Wellness Awareness Association. MWAA’s mission is to […]

Do the following diagnoses belong in the DSM-5? – Research Submission by Michael C.LaFerney

Email Address of First Author: mclaferney@hotmail.com   Authors: Michael C.LaFerney   Title of Publication: Do the following diagnoses belong in the DSM-5?   Year of Publication: 2019   Sources of Funding (ex: NIH, VARR&D) Elite/ Advance for Nurses   Affiliations: Quincy College   Journal Citation Information: https://www.elitecme.com/resource-center/nursing/specialties/mental-health/do-the-following-diagnoses-belong-in-the-dsm-5/   Type of Study (select one) Demographic/Survey Results […]

The Physiology of Stress | by Karen Lankford, PhD, Neuroscientist Researcher at Yale University

Most of us learn from an early age that the only appropriate answer to the question “How are you doing?” or “How are you holding up?”, is to say that we are “OK”, “Fine”.  The denial of any problems becomes so reflexive and automatic that many of us cannot even recognize the degree of stress […]

A cure for schizophrenia may be possible – by Karen Lankford, PhD, Neuroscientist Researcher at Yale University

Note: The author of this article works in neuroscience research, but not in the area of mental illness research.  Her opinion is based on articles and opinion pieces published by other scientists. Understanding the biological nature and cause of schizophrenia has frustrated researches for decades.   Only subtle differences could be detected between the brains of […]