Do the following diagnoses belong in the DSM-5? – Research Submission by Michael C.LaFerney

Email Address of First Author: [email protected]   Authors: Michael C.LaFerney   Title of Publication: Do the following diagnoses belong in the DSM-5?   Year of Publication: 2019   Sources of Funding (ex: NIH, VARR&D) Elite/ Advance for Nurses   Affiliations: Quincy College   Journal Citation Information:   Type of Study (select one) Demographic/Survey Results […]

A cure for schizophrenia may be possible | Karen Lankford, PhD, Neuroscientist Researcher at Yale University

Understanding the biological nature and cause of schizophrenia has frustrated researchers for decades. Only subtle differences could be detected between the brains of patients diagnosed with schizophrenia […]

The Top 9 Addiction Myths Preventing Us from Solving the Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis has reached epic proportions with more people dying from overdoses per year than died in to the entire Vietnam War. It’s no surprise then that everyone is concerned about this from families to entire communities to our legislators on both the state and federal levels. However, while everyone is working with good […]

It’s Time to Start Screening for Mental Health Symptoms | Karen Lankford, PhD

Early detection and early treatment improve outcomes. However, in spite of the fact that deaths from suicide and drug overdoses have been on the rise, we do little in this country to screen for mental health problems or addiction, and even less in terms of public health education campaigns.

Global Endocrine Testing Market: Snapshot

Endocrine testing refers to a group of tests performed to assess the overall function of the patient’s endocrine system. The release of hormones is linked to a variety of diseases, which makes them a solid indicator to reveal the nature and extent of diseases. The rising awareness about the solid connection between hormones and diseases […]

Americans Need Immediate Help | Sharon Engdahl, Executive Director

From child to senior our loved ones are getting very sick and dying because America is not properly educated on the early signs and symptoms of mental health problems which includes addictions. The all-in costs of America’s drug addiction problem are one trillion dollars every year.

Mental Illness, Media, and Politics

Should mentally ill people stay out of and away from politics?  Mental illness is an instability in itself, and it is well known that the media tends to cover negative events over positive ones.  So is there any hope for mentally ill people to interact in media and politics, or are the stigma and the […]

An Indictment of the American Mental Health System

Chris  was adopted at age three in 1986.  He had been physically-abused and had multiple problems. Our family knew we had the skills and the love to nurture Chris to thrive as an adult. That’s what every parent wants for their kid, right?