Racism places an additional burden on African Americans dealing with mental illness

It is hard living a successful life while coping with racism in America. African Americans must constantly monitor their own behavior whenever they are in public, knowing that the most innocent action might be interpreted as a threat and result in the police being called, or worse.

Hallucinations In The Elderly: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment | Guest Post by Kate Mallord

There are many studies that have been conducted and they all indicate that hallucinations in the elderly are quite common than in any other age group. There is also a lot of stigmas that are associated with hallucinations and it so happens that many people don’t report when it happens. Some facts about hallucinations are […]

If you are feeling anxious these days… | Blog Post by Karen Lankford, PhD, Neuroscientist Yale University

If you are feeling anxious these days, it is because you have been paying attention.  Anyone who had not been worried about their health, the health of their loved ones, their jobs, or their retirement savings is probably either under the age of three or has been in a comma for the past month.  These […]

A timely message about infection control | Blog Post by Karen Lankford, PhD

The developing nervous system uses many of the same chemical signals to organize brain structures that the immune system uses to fight serious infections.  Therefore, infections such as a bad flu during pregnancy can increase the risk that the developing fetus will later have autism or bipolar disorder. (Depending on the time of the infection, […]

Mental Illness Keeping You Up? 4 Tips for Better Sleep | Brad Krause

When you live with mental illness, taking good care of yourself is a top priority. But what if you’ve fixed your diet and exercise habits, developed tools to manage your condition, but still struggle to sleep? Sleep problems are common in people with mental illness, but they’re not insurmountable. These tips will help you solve […]